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Recovery and Humility

We can deny the truth of what is happening, deny that we have power over our addiction, or deny that we have an addiction altogether. It is a defense mechanism we use to protect ourselves. It is how we protect ourselves from fear and uncertainty.

She utilizes evidence-based treatment including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Kimberly has been working with individuals struggling with addiction and mental health for over a decade. She has worked in both private and non-profit settings and has helped individuals through residential and detox recovery. She credits High Watch with helping her learn how to live a sober life and enjoys watching guests learn this as well. Melissa is thrilled to bring her diversified background and purpose-driven energy to the exciting, innovative Global Exchange Conference, a new division of High Watch Recovery. The Global Exchange provides just this offering educational events that are content and esteemed-speaker-rich, heavily attended, and intentionally located to encourage self-care and play.

Board Certified Treatment Experts

But in reality, humility was key to their success–for it was humility that allowed them to approach their work with an open and curious mind. That same humble attitude of openness and curiosity is required of us if we are to fully realize the vast potential of our own life. When I think of the principle of Humility, I am reminded of some of the most humble people that I have met in recovery.

Once again, this leads back to addiction because it’s about fulfilling personal needs. The purpose of others is one of  service and blind obedience. Narcissists are only interested in what they can gain from their relationships with others. Objectification of human beings becomes a major obsession. For example, for sex addicts, the prostitute is a sex object. Find out more about this personality by clicking here.

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We employ evidence based treatment practices for addiction recovery. We know that humility is a key ingredient in the recovery process. sober house When you first go to twelve-step and other recovery meetings, almost every person in the room has an experience you can learn from.

humility in recovery

But an exaggerated sense of low self-worth is as much an obstacle to humility as an overblown sense of importance. For when we cling stubbornly to a negative self-image, we close our mind to other, more enlightened perspectives. The same qualities of humility that enhance leadership also improve personal relationships. I once overheard a woman say to a friend, «If my kid was acting that way, I know what I’d do»–the implication being that she knew how to handle the situation and her friend needed to hear it.

Reframing the Way We Talk About Addiction

Humility is defined as, “Freedom from pride or arrogance.” Note the word freedom; pride and arrogance are a prison that isolates us from each other and from God. The JAWS Diaries chronicles the shared lives of Jason and Ashley Wahler as they navigate their new found beautiful reality in the wake of addiction, codependency and personal trauma. Janet has expertise in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders. She has a strength-based approach to treatment and believes strongly in empowering individuals to take charge of their recovery.

Without humility, these programs argue that motivation for learning how to stay sober and to make sober lifestyle changes is likely to be low. We hope to further explain these variables in future research. As humility research advances, we may discover humility to be the catalyst in internal shift processes in relating to others and increased spirituality. These complex transitions can be studied once foundation research in humility is advanced. We discuss directions for future research in humility to lay cornerstones in place for this new area of 12-Step research. Part of our recovery work involves shedding certain personality traits and character defects as we sometimes call them, in order to access our truest, highest selves.


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